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HandyTab is an ultra portable music stand for holding single music chord sheets or tablature. The flexible metal gooseneck enables the music to be positioned exactly where you want it without the need for a floor mounted stand. The music sheet is attached using a high power magnet and a 1 penny coin.

HandyTab uses a patent pending method of attachment to the guitar ensuring that only the soft leather strap touches the guitar. When not in use the strap remains fitted to the guitar and the music holder can be coiled for storage in a small drawstring bag.

Music sheets can be swapped in seconds by removing the 1 penny coin from the magnet and attaching another sheet. HandyTab was designed to provide an affordable, portable solution for music holding when the use of a conventional music stand is not practical making HandyTab ideal for practicing when on the move.

Each HandyTab is assembled by hand using quality materials; even the leather straps are individually machine stitched locally. Through my work I often spend time in hotels or on the move and after spending time searching for a guitar music stand that was truly portable I decided to design my own. Many people buy this portable sheet music stand to hold lyrics or small print tablature closer to the eye for ease of reading, others position the sheet to cover the fretting hand to enhance technique and muscle memory.

HandyTab is an affordable and flexible sheet music holder that will fit in your pocket when not in use. Thank you for visiting the HandyTab website.


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Last Update 17/11/2013